1. Folding in the front rider‘s handlebars

Rotate the hand- lebars clockwise far enough that the front wheel sits parallel to the frame. Loosen the quick-release lever on the handlebar stem, pull the handlebar unit upwards from the tube and lay it flat on the frame.

2. Removing the seatposts and the rear rider‘s handlebars

Loosen the quick-release lever on the lower seatposts and pull the seat tubes upwards and completely out. Follow the same procedure with the rear rider‘s handlebars.

3. Swinging in the rear sub-frame

Lift your BERNDS-Folding Tandem slightly off the ground by the top tube and stand on the rear sub-frame or the rear axle so that the suspension unit comes loose from the catch. Swing the rear sub-frame inwards until the tyre is resting against the lower frame tube.
Note: with derailleur gears (and Dual Drive), you should put it into one of the top three gears (the ones with the larger sprocket diameter) before swinging in the rear sub-frame; this will prevent the chain coming off.

Video – Folding the Folding Tandem

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