Easy-on, easy-off, and an upright riding position

Why is it that you usually have to bend forward a bit when riding a 26 or 28-incher? It’s because the bigger the wheels themselves, the further apart they have to be when attached to a frame. Which means that the distance between the saddle and the handlebars is greater, forcing you to bend over forward.

Our smaller 20″ wheels allow for a much shorter distance between the saddle and the handlebars, giving you an upright riding position with no negative trade-offs.

With the lowest step-through on the market, our Gretel is a bike you can feel safe on. And it comes standard with the hidden Bernds folding hinge at the rear-wheel swingarm assembly.

Once upon a time, our general manager’s grandmother would ride a folding bike to the pool for her daily swim. And every year, she’d need a new one. For her, getting on and off was anything but easy. Her name was Gretel, and because our low step-through model is probably what she really needed, it’s named for her.

The Gretel-Family

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