Riding a bike is a feeling you just can’t describe in words – which is why there’s the BerndsBox

With the BerndsBox, you can get to know Gretel, the Folding Tandem or one of the other Bernds bikes at a dealer near you with no strings attached. We’ll send out bikes with various options and in various sizes, both with and without toothed-belt drives and electric motors, for you to test with no obligation to buy. That way, you can get a comprehensive impression of the many possible options—at your leisure and close to home. Please note that we can not guarantee this service in every country, but we’ll do our best.

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Take a test ride at our facility in Überlingen, Bodensee

By appointment, from Monday to Saturday all year round, you can take your time testing out our bikes with various options – including both with and without toothed-belt drives, electric motors, and lots of other things. Luggage solutions and accessories are also part of the programme, of course, as well as a real-life look at Bernds’ bike-builders in action!

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Here’s how it works

We ship the BerndsBox to your bike dealer containing a bike requested by you for no-strings-attached testing, with a wide range of accessories to try out. A colour chart with frame colours, as well as various handlebars and luggage solutions, will provide you with an all-over impression.

So just tell us the dealer you’d like to do it through. We’ll take care of the box’s shipment as well as its return. And on an agreed date, you can take a test ride at your dealer’s with no obligation to buy.

Please note that not all requests can always be fulfilled 100%. But we’ll be happy to consult with you personally to see what we can offer in order to provide something close to your wishes quickly.